From Within is the first Megagame from HexHeart Games - an epic conflict in a galaxy on the brink of Rebellion. The game takes place over a single session, with a large number of players either playing solo or as part of a team. From Within is structured so as to run more smoothly than other Megagames, and uses a phased system of orders and reports that feed into each other for a more fluid experience. This also allows us to incorporate more hidden information than other games, so the potential for intrigue and clever stratagems is greater.

Although it takes the form of an epic conflict across a war-torn Galaxy, From Within has many viable routes to victory. Players will be able to use a mixture of negotiation, strategy, diplomacy, and careful management of resources to champion their Faction.

From Within is designed for around 50 players, who each join a single Faction or assist with running the game as a Referee. We will be posting more information about the game and how things are going on the HexHeart Games Facebook page, and you can also sign up to our mailing list for regular updates and to express interest in a game.

How It Works

From Within consists of phased turns, each 30 minutes long. Each turn is broken up into 3 phases - at the start of each phase reports and resources are handed out, and players hand in their orders at the end to be resolved by the Referees while the next phase is in progress. The different areas of the game are distributed throughout each turn, so everyone has something to do and enough time to negotiate between themselves and other players. Negotiation and trading occurs throughout the turn, and will often be essential to respond to the ongoing story and achieve your Faction's goals.

Clever use of information is an important element of the game. Control of the different sectors of the galaxy is depicted on a massive hexagonal map board, which is updated by the Referees to keep track of changes. Other information such as the location and strength of Fleets is hidden from some or all of the players, but teams can use their special agents to uncover the secret plans of their enemies! Some Factions (in particular the Ascended Powers) receive secret information on their turns, which they can either use for their own benefit or trade to other players for assets or information in return.

Negotiation and communication between players is key - virtually all assets in the game are represented by cards which can be traded and used by other players, so cultivating alliances and making deals is crucial for victory.

The game is moderated by a small team of referees, who process players orders, update the visible map and answer player questions. As the game comes to a close, the Referees will reveal how each Faction has chased their goals and which has become the most powerful in the galaxy.


There are 4 types of player faction in From Within, each of which plays somewhat differently and may have different goals and routes to victory. When you reserve a place you can choose the order of preference of Factions you would like to play, and we will do our best to fit you into one of your top preferences.

Click on the images below to learn more about each of the different sides.

Empires control the physical territory of the Galaxy. They send Fleets to conquer sectors of the board, harvest resources and seek dominance by conquest and technology. Empires play as teams of 5 players.

The Rebel uprising seeks favour among the people, rabble-rousing and sending agents to gain sympathy for their cause. If they can build up enough support in a sector, they can erode an Empire's control and raise Rebel Strongholds.

The Pirate Monarchs stand together at the head of the Galaxy's scoundrels. They steal resources from one and all, and with enough stolen wealth they can build a terrifying Armada to cut a swathe of destruction across known space.

The four Ascended Powers have cast off their physical forms and become one with the Universe. They play their own game, competing amongst themselves to remake the Galaxy in their image, using other Factions as pawns in a Great Game.

Volunteering to Referee

Rather than participating as a player, you may be interested in helping out as a Referee. Refereeing a game like this is hard work and may require a bit more time to get to know the game and the systems, but can be very rewarding. If you are interested in Refereeing, please let us know when you reserve a place.

We aim to have a small team of 5-6 Referees at From Within games. Referees will need to reserve a place and pay the entry price, but will be refunded their ticket price at the end of the game.

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