There are 4 types of Faction in a game of From Within - each type with its own goals, motivations and way of playing. When you reserve a place for the game you can indicate which Faction you wish to play in, and we will assign you a slot based on your preferences.

Empires control the physical territory of the Galaxy. They send Fleets to conquer sectors of the board, harvest resources and seek dominance by conquest and technology. There are 7 Empires in From Within, competing for territory, status and influence. The majority of players in each game will be playing as part of an Empire. Empires play as teams of 5 players, each taking on a specific role in the Empire's government. Each of the Empires have their own culture and characteristics as follows;

  • The Lorr Protectorate - A loosely bound federation under the guidance of the enigmatic Lorr.
  • The Cyberian Adherants - Materialist technocrats, fanatical about cybernetics.
  • The Protux Inheritors - Seemingly utopian society with advanced biotechnology.
  • The Hyleen Illuminates - Powerful theocracy bringing their faith to the stars.
  • The Dolkut Authority - Ruthless and austere authoritarians, with survival as their main goal.
  • The Cradian Dominion - Aggressive but honourable warmongers.
  • The Garvian Conglomerate - Massive corporate empire of traders and wealth-seekers.

The Rebel uprising seeks favour among the people, rabble-rousing and sending agents to gain sympathy for their cause. If they can build up enough support in a sector, they can erode an Empire's control and raise Rebel Strongholds.

The Rebels are a single team of 3-5 players that work together to spread their uprising across the galaxy. They have a lot of flexibility in their roles and responsibilities, and can use the threat of anarchy as a negotiating tool or as a hammer to smash the Empire's control.

The Pirate Monarchs stand together at the head of the Galaxy's scoundrels. They steal resources from one and all, and with enough stolen wealth they can build a terrifying Armada to cut a swathe of destruction across known space.

The Pirates are a team of 1-2 players who act as an bargainer and disruptor of everyone else's plans. Ideal for very engaged and social players.

The four Ascended Powers have cast off their physical forms and become one with the Universe. They play their own game, competing amongst themselves to remake the Galaxy in their image, using other Factions as pawns in a Great Game. Ascended play as individuals, and cannot act directly in the galaxy - they must convince the other Factions to implement their schemes. As a bargaining chip they can offer powerful boons that alter the laws of reality to create incredible effects.

Ascended Powers are ideal for highly social players who enjoy negotiation, manipulation, and influencing others. There are 4 slots for Ascended players in From Within, and each has their own goals and areas of influence as follows;

  • The Bellost, Gestalt of Wrath (War, conflict & destruction)
  • The Examplars Ascendant, Protectors of Enthalpy (Civilisation, authority & order)
  • The Ascended Lutraks, Dancers on the Cusp of Forever (Chaos, inspiration & disorder)
  • The Timekeeper, Guardian of Harmony (Peace, protection & construction)