The Pirate Monarchs have nominal control of the various outlaws and privateer captains across the galaxy. Although pirates usually keep to their own sectors, they will pay a tithe of the wealth that they steal to the Pirate Monarchs, who generally try to protect their interests and ensure the Empires do not focus too hard on crushing them once and for all. In this time of impending upheaval and Rebellion, the cunning Monarchs may have the chance to build their power past the point that any others can hold them in check. If not monitored and quelled, Piracy has the potential to run rampant in war-torn areas and the fringes of the Galaxy. If the Monarchs can gather enough booty, there is a chance that a Pirate Armada will arise, and loot and burn its way across a swathe of the galaxy.

The Pirate Faction is a chance for a one or two players to see what effect they can have on the game. With enough swagger, subtlety and subterfuge on their part, they can build a criminal powerhouse under the noses of the other Factions and lead a nigh-unstoppable Pirate Armada to untold treasure.

Pirates in Play

In play, the Pirates are somewhat of a wildcard. They are loyal to no-one but themselves, and cannot be suppressed for long. As the smallest player side, the Pirate Monarch needs to do a lot themselves. They can gain a lot of influence and power by threatening to unleash their Armadas against an Empire or its enemies. The Pirate Monarchs must toe the line between being enough of a thief to accumulate resources, and not enough of a threat to be ganged up on and crushed by several other Factions.

Every sector has a hidden Piracy rating, representing small-scale pirate bands who tithe their booty to the Monarchs. In sectors with high Piracy, resources are stolen and granted to the Monarchs, who can use them to build hidden pirate bases and fleets. If their fleets become large enough they become Armadas, which can travel the galaxy, looting and pillaging Stations for more resources. The Monarch also has access to a hand of unique Agents who can spread Piracy under other Faction's radar.

The Pirate Monarchs' goal is accumulating a massive stockpile of stolen resources, either stolen by low-level piracy in the various sectors of the galaxy, or looted by their Grand Armadas. If the Monarchs end the game with enough pilfered booty to put the Empires and Rebellion to shame, then they can declare that the Pirates are the true rulers of the galaxy.

Pirate Player Slots

The pirates of the galaxy have but two thrones. There are only 2 slots for the Pirate Monarchs.