The spark of rebellion has been kindled, and soon it will become an inferno that could sweep away the old order of the Galaxy. The Rebels are a secretive order of radicals, whose goal is to break apart the control of the Empires and encourage the people of the Galaxy to rule themselves. Discontent has been growing slowly in various hotspots of dissent, and the Rebels can exploit this to further their goals. However, at this stage the Rebellion is fragile, and in order for it to succeed it must keep its bases and strongholds hidden from the attention of the warring Empires.

The Rebellion is somewhat of a spoiler Faction - it has a number of tools to frustrate the ambitions of its opponents and hide its agendas and strengths. The Rebels provide an opportunity for a small team of players who enjoy subtle counter-play, building up their power slowly beneath the radar and making deals and secret agreements with other Factions. Once they build to a tipping point, the Rebellion becomes established, and Rebel strongholds rise against the Empires.

Rebels in Play

In From Within, the Rebels have 2 different styles of play. Initially, they are designed to build up slowly and cultivate alliances - they have an array of helpful abilities that can be offered to other Factions to frustrate their opponents. Once they reach a tipping point, however, they can quickly build up powerful strongholds and spread their Rebellion across the Galaxy. The Rebellion has no need for Resources - its strength comes from the sympathies of the people. Rebels have a diverse array of Agents that they can use to influence the game. Rebel Agents can be deployed anywhere that a small amount of Rebellion has taken root.

Each sector has a Rebellion rating, representing how much the populace have been swayed to support the Rebel cause. Once Rebellion rises high enough, Rebel Bases and Strongholds are established, allowing the Rebels to defend their holdings and deploy their Agents further. When enough Strongholds are established, the Rebels gain access to powerful Special Projects that can devastate the control of the Empires.

The Rebels' goal is to spread the Rebellion across the Galaxy. Although they can peacefully co-exist with some Empires and other Factions, they ideally want to spread their cause as far and wide as they can.

Rebel Player Slots

The Rebel team consists of 3-5 players. There are no particular roles assigned to the Rebels, and they are free to divide their responsibilities amongst themselves as they choose.