Cosmic Cartels now available to playtest on Tabletop Simulator!

With the Covid-19 pandemic keeping us in our homes, I'm releasing Cosmic Cartels free to play on Tabletop Simulator! Normal physical playtesting has become very difficult to organise, so by releasing the game here and gathering your feedback, I should be able to polish the game up to a production-ready shine!

Everything you need to play is in the Tabletop Simulator Mod, including the rulebook and all game components. The game is ready to play for 3-6 players.

Current Version: 0.66 -

You can also download the current version of the rulebook here -

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Cosmic Cartels is currently designed with a space science fiction theme, but the core route-building and market mechanics could be adapted to other themes with a few minor tweaks. Some examples might include;

  • A Cyberpunk city, with goods being delivered through jammed streets full of dangers.

  • Post-apocalyptic rebuilding of civilization, with player cartels rebuilding a trade system between isolated settlements.

A 4X game without the eXtermination

Cosmic Cartels is a game about pushing out the boundaries of known space in the pursuit of profit. Starting on a one of the colonies of Old Earth, players explore the void, establish trade routes and speculate on the markets to establish themselves as the wealthiest Cartel.

Cosmic Cartels is a medium-weight eurogame focused on building trade routes and speculating on a fluctuating market. The players establish routes between planets to transport the 4 commodities, but changing markets can push the value of those goods up or down as the goods are moving. Savvy Cartels must weigh the risk against the potential rewards, as goods in transit might be vulnerable to other cartels and their schemes.

Cosmic Cartels is currently in development.

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  • 3-6 players

  • 90-120 minutes play time.

  • Starts simple, but increases in breadth and depth during each game.

  • Quick individual turns.

  • Innovative trade route and market fluctuation mechanics

  • Tile-based board expands as you play and explore.

  • Event cards represent changing market conditions and opportunities.

  • Unique approach to technology allows players to control their progress.

Components List

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Cloth Bag

  • Market Value Track board

  • 4 Pawns in different colours

  • 180 8mm wooden cubes in 4 colours

  • 86 poker-size cards

  • 8 7-hex rosette tiles

  • 32 hexagonal planet tiles

  • Money tokens to fill chipboards

Per-Player Components (x4-6)

  • 1 coloured Action Pawn

  • One HQ and 6 Spaceport miniatures

  • One Economy Board

  • One Asset Store Board

  • 18 Route Tokens

  • 12 hexagonal sector tiles