Oblivion Galaxy is available to playtest on Tabletop Simulator!

Everything you need to play is in the Tabletop Simulator Mod, including the rulebook and all game components. The game is ready to play for 1-4 players.

Current Version: 0.25 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2491595913

You can also download the current version of the rulebook here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qg9csKeWeLkWK655YDNSnbV0tLaLO9nw/view?usp=sharing

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Oblivion Galaxy is currently designed with a space science fiction theme, but the core mechanics could be adapted to other themes with a few minor tweaks. Some examples might include;

  • A Fantasy Realm, with magical constructions being used to escape a creeping corruption.

  • Fall of Atlantis type scenario, with parts of the island falling into the sea.

Achievements & Awards:

Cardboard Edison Award
2022 Finalist

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Can you rescue the galaxy from Oblivion?

Oblivion Galaxy is a game about the economics of trying to escape a dying galaxy, and the hard choices that must be made in desperate situations. In a technologically advanced future, you are the leader of a prophetic cult, who has seen that the apocalypse approaches. You must develop and construct a means to escape the Galaxy before it is too late!

Oblivion Galaxy is a mid-weight eurogame focused on constructing facilities, managing resources and time, while the game board is consumed from the outside in. Players must use their turns effectively in order to recruit Acolytes, harvest resources and build the Facilities needed to save their populations. But every time they recall their Acolytes to use them again, time moves on and more of the available board space is consumed by the Doom!

Each player is trying to save as many Acolytes as possible before the galaxy is consumed, using some of the 4 methods. Each method awards points depending on how expensive and time-consuming it is, so using the more expensive and slow strategies will result in a higher score - but only if you have the time to fully implement it. Players using faster strategies can save all their population early, which brings forward the galaxy's Doom, giving players going for slower strategies less time. This creates a tense pivot point in the mid-game where players can choose to go all in on a lower scoring strategy, or hold on to a higher scoring strategy as long as possible to try and squeeze out as many points as they can.

Oblivion Galaxy is currently in development.

  • 1-4 players

  • 60-120 minutes play time.

  • Collapsing board space

  • High-tension Third Act

  • Diverse range of strategies

  • Build and then cannibalize your economic engine

  • Asymmetric player powers

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Oblivion Galaxy v0.23 on the table at UK Games Expo 2021.

Oblivion Galaxy v0.24 on the table at Caerphilly Board Gamers, January 2022.