Ritual Magic

A card game of trading and secrets

Ritual Magic is a simple game of trading magical essences. The players are magicians performing great works of magic, and use energy in the form of elemental essences. Each turn, they cast an augury to predict which essences will be a help or a hindrance - but each magician only has a partial picture, and must trade and swap essences using their secret knowledge.

Ritual Magic is a card game of trading and negotiation based on hidden knowledge. Players strive to collect sets of essence cards, and can perform transmutations to flip their cards and create a useful set. The value of each essence changes according to a set of Augury cards handed out at the start of each turn, and players can use the hidden information on these cards to inform their trading.

Pixel Fleet is currently in late-stage development and playtesting.

  • 3-4 players
  • 30-40 minutes play time.
  • Players can choose which side of their Augury card to use, allowing them some control over the value of cards held by their opponents.
  • Stripping back to the bare bones gives a pure trading experience with real rewards for skill in trading and bluffing.